Sunday, January 17, 2016

I have posted  "Amy's Swallowed By the Amazon!" And  " Tiffany Pie".

I have also written and posted "The Dominatrix and the Naga". which I think was a great success.

I am now working on " The Stalker, The Naga, And the Egg" Ahere story of a woman that has a stalker, then rent a loft from a hiding naga, the naga then turn her into a naga. to reap her revenge.

 here is an excerpt:

          The Stalker, The Naga, and The Egg.

            By TheLandCruzer

Amelia-Rose was your typical twenty-something young lady. She worked in the office of some big no-name company downtown. Friday & Saturday nights you most likely find her out clubbing with some of her friends. Then Sunday’s driving out to the suburbs to visit her family.

Every Thursday Night after work, all of Amelia’s friends would meet at diner near were they all worked. Jennifer who worked in the mailroom said that the guy she seeing off and on. Had an invitation, to bring some friends to this private underground club. “How dose Troy know about the club?” Stacy asked. “Oh, some hotshot executive in his office gave it to him. I guess there looking for some new members.” Jenn replied. Bill asked offhandly “Where is this club at?” “Well Troy told me it’s in the basement of some office building and to meet him at that fancy restaurant, at twelfth and main.” Jenn informed them. Jim who was a part time bouncer, and the diner’s lunch time cook, said that that he had to work that weekend, but told them all to go a head and have fun.

Friday night Amelia went home to clean up and change. She was kind of bothered by Jim not being able to go with them, after all Jim was the unofficial guardian of the group. Then they might not have any trouble, it being a private club and all.

Troy meet the group at the restaurant. He informed them that his friend had made all the arrangements. Tina commented “That’s nice of him.” Troy said that the executive had closed a big deal and had gotten a big bonus that he wanted to share with them. Just then a man in a nice suit walks up to the table.” Troy stood up and introduced the man “This is our benefactor James.”  “I hope everyone’s having good time.” James replied. Now James didn’t really fit in our group of six, being in his late thirties and with some gray starting to show. “Order what ever you want I’m buying everything tonight.” James told the group of young people as he sat down with them.

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